Is Email Marketing Dead?

Absolutely not. Aside from the fact that email marketing is incredibly cost effective compared to other forms of marketing, it’s also easily personalised to speak directly to your customer.

However, there is a hurdle—spam. We all know what it’s like to receive a barrage of emails and, with the introduction of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, inboxes are bursting at the seams.

One solution is to integrate your email marketing with your social media campaign and now that most email providers have added the option to include a ‘share’ icon in your newsletter, it makes it easier for your readers to share it on social networks.

With this in mind, email is now becoming an essential element to effective social media marketing.

There are two types of email – eZines and eShots:

eZines are ‘news’ letters normally sent to your existing customers regularly (at least once a month) to reinforce an existing relationship as well as to inform them of your company and product/service updates or news related to your industry.

eShots are ‘sales’ letters you send to prospective customers when an offer or discount on your products or services is available. Be careful about sending the offer email more than once – sending duplicates may cause your customers to unsubscribe or report your email as spam.

How can we help?

Our team can work with you to build an email marketing strategy; a strategy that is based on fact and is able to turn a cold lead into a hot lead - without the recipient even realising!

Email Marketing is not a quick win, and is more effective considered as a long term campaign - but one that is also extremely cost effective, if done well.

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